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We are looking for:

  • Female models: age 15-28, height 4 ft – 5.8 ft
  • Male models: age 15-25, height 5.0 ft- 6.5 ft
  1. Show professionalism at all times.
  2. There should be no discriminating.
  3. Models should be ON TIME.
  4. Models should never be disappointed when they are not shortlisted for a job.
  5. Models owing the agency should pay on agreed time.
  6. Models ages 17+ would pay a fee of $50 every two (2) months.
  7. Models ages 16 and under pay a fee of $30 every two (2) months.
  8. Models must conduct themselves respectfully and with poise as each model is a representative of the agency.
  9. Feedbacks are expected to be given to the agency from models attending each job appearance.
  10. After one year of working with the agency, the model is expected to be a permanent member of the agency.
  11. If the model decides to no longer be a part of the agency, there would be a termination of the contract before so.


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