Serina Aaliyah Laird

I strongly believe that modeling isnt always about showing that you confident in your body it’s also creating a pathway for young ladies and men to experience themselves and develop certain skills sets that would benefit us in life and society

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    My name is Serina Aaliyah Laird I am 17years old born on October 28, 2002. I am a talented, ambitious, adventurous and determined young lady. Maya Angelou once said “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”, and I believe that using modeling can be a platform to telling our stories for the greater good and maybe inspire others. Being the center of attention and loving the stage has always been my cup of tea as such I have won two pageants and currently the Youth Ambassador for a clothing institution. I graduated Secondary School with honours and six(6) CSEC subjects. I have decided to work before attending college and therefore I am the Clerical Officer at the high Court. My aspiration in life is to become a World Renowned Attorney at law and An advocate for youth ladies going through emotional and physical abuse because I can sympathize. With all of that said I strongly believe that I would be a valuable member to your team.

    ethnic-group African
    eyes Brown
    hair-color Brown
    hair-lenght Short
    height 5.5ft
    weight 56 kg
    bust 29 cm
    hips 34 cm
    weist 32 cm
    shoes 8USA